Off Season Organizing

Things are slowing down a little bit around here as far as the gardens go. Over the course of the summer the shed has become a disorganized mess. Every time we go to do a project there is significant time spent locating everything in the jumble. We decided to begin organizing things better so that everything has its place. This project is going to take some time, but several small projects were completed this weekend. We forgot to get before picture, but trust us it was a disaster in there before this; it is still a mess but we are making progress.

First, we hung the wheelbarrow. We rarely use this now that we have a pull cart that attaches to the tractor so being able to get this up and out of the way makes sense. We hung it from the rafters using some scrap wood, eye bolts, and para-cord.

Hanging from the rafters
Eye bolts in strategic locations
Scrap wood as handle

We also made a hanger for the A-frame ladder. This is something we do get to more often, so it needs to be easily pulled down. The hanging bracket is not permanently attached to the rafters but can be slid off and moved if we decide this is not the proper location for the ladder.

We have a collection of gas cans that were taking up a lot of floor space, so we decided to build a shelf to house these up and out of the way. This corner will have 6 cans on the bottom and 6 on the new shelf. This was simple to build and if we ever want to move it we can easily unscrew it and place it elsewhere.

Gas can shelf

Finally, there was a lot of scrap lumber taking up floor space so we built a simple lumber rack to get this off the floor. This is also built to be easily movable if we decide this is not the right place for it.

Shelf bracing

These few changes have made a big difference in the usable space in the shed. There are plenty of more things we can do to organize, but there are only so many hours in the day; we will have to wait for another weekend to work on them. For now, we are feeling pretty good about the accomplishments this weekend.

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