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The rain has seemed to be almost continuous this year. Beaver creek at the bottom of the hill is bursting its banks as you can see in the picture below.

Swollen Creek

We planted asparagus and sweet potato at the end of the driveway and apparently they both like the location. We won’t harvest any asparagus for a couple years, but if this year’s growth is any indication we will have plenty. Hopefully we will know soon how the sweet potato is doing under the soil. We’re supposed to harvest them when the vines begin to yellow.  I think with all this rain, it may be a while.  We have seen flowers on the vines which may be an indication that the plants are putting more energy into growing flowers rather than the tubers.  We won’t know until we dig them up.  Root veggies are so much fun; it is like opening a present when you pull them.

Asparagus and Sweet Potato


On the other side of the house we planted a few cantaloupe plants in the middle of the new trees. As you can see they did well. We probably harvested 20 cantaloupe and they are delicious, if you like cantaloupe. We had one day where we picked 7 of them.


On the corner of the yard by the pasture where we have a garden bed with fruit trees we planted butternut squash. The plants have started to die back and you can see the abundance of squash we are getting. We counted around 40 squash the last time we checked. These will be left until after the first frost to harden the rind for storage. You can see more sweet potato and some raspberry bushes here as well. You can’t see them in this picture but there are also strawberry plants doing really well in this bed too.

Butternut Squash

We recently started another batch of meat chickens.We have 10 new birds who are now outside enjoying their “freedom.” They should be full grown by early November.



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  1. Wonderful seeing all of the progress. Wow the creek is a bit wide compared to normal. Thanks for all of the pictures.

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